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Queen Renee Tompkins

Greetings to the future MBB's Family,


First, I will like to say welcome and thank you for taking your time out to become apart of my vision and dream. 

My goal is to help mode our little people to be productive citizens as well as Godly occupants on this journey. In this day and age, it definitely takes a village and I am humbled to be apart of the village.  When I see happy and thriving children it creates a happy and thriving world for them to grow, learn, and be loved together. Even when tough times appear understand your system is here to encourage you with wisdom and guidance along the way. This is more than a business but a family knit together with love, understanding, patience, and peace while each baby blooms into the successful individuals God has them to be.  I look forward to providing excellent child care for your child(ren).

Being a support within MiMi’s Blooming Babies will provide a safe learning environment for all who attend.  Keeping each individual on track developmentally and educationally while providing the care they need to know each one of them is special. We support creativity, personal identity, open minds, big dreamers, and encouraging the kids they can be whatever they want to be. I will show them that the sky's the limit by setting goals for them to reach one day at a time. Positive mindsets create a positive path for them to journey on.

 I feel this will be a great and exciting year where the children will grow not just physically but emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Stepping one step at a time we will accomplish goals together to watch these babies blossom. Feel free to spread the word about the love that is shared here at MiMi’s Blooming Babies and again thank you for your service.