Recruiters are responsible for attracting suitable students to A Kingdom of Love. They understand their organization's needs, engage in marketing, build relationships and screen applicants to find the best match for open positions. 

Recruiter Responsibilities: Designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy. Sourcing and attracting candidates by using databases, social media etc. 

What Qualities Make a Great Recruiter?

  • 1) Confidence. There's a reason that the industry tends to attract extroverts. ...

  • 2) Good communication skills. ...

  • 3) Approachable demeanor. ...

  • 4) Good listener. ...

  • 5) Strong sales skills. ...

  • 6) Target driven. ...

  • 7) Good at multitasking. ...

  • 8) Patience.


As a recruiter, it’s your job to get the best talent through your company’s front door.

However, when you’re recruiting the best of the best, you also need to be the best of the best. Of course, becoming a great recruiter takes skill, practice, and intuition, but there are a number of habits and traits that you can adapt quickly to help you become a better HR professional for your company.

  1. Keep it personal

  2. Maintain a calendar

  3. Focus on the candidates

  4. Perfect your outreach

  5. Adopt a modern approach

  6. Learn the ways of the business

  7. Track your efforts

  8. Get social

  9. Turn off notifications

  10. Stop screening out

  11. Get proactive about referrals

  12. Use automation tools

  13. Take control of your reputation

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